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Officials, including professional soldiers, are among the banks’ most popular customers. Every bank vies for the favor of officials with tempting offers. But officials are also welcome in the insurance industry. They enjoy more advantages than people in other professional groups. The banks offer you favorable conditions for loans, the insurance companies offer civil servants a discount on insurance premiums. Anyone who is a civil servant has taken care of, provided that he can not be blamed.

Professional Soldier Loan

Professional Soldier Loan

In addition to other civil servants and civil servants, professional soldiers are particularly valued. You have a regular income, a crisis-proof job, are practically irrevocable and usually have no negative Credit Bureau entries. It is therefore easy to get a loan for a professional soldier. Usually they do not need any special security, because their job is security.

There is hardly an official who leaves his employer in front of his pension. You are a civil servant for life. But despite everything, Credit Bureau information is obtained before lending. But due to their status, an official is extremely unlikely to have a negative Credit Bureau. At least this happens very rarely, because, for example, an attachment can result in a disciplinary measure by the employer. However, it depends on the official’s sphere of activity. A teacher who is also a civil servant has a different status than a soldier or a policeman.

The loan for professional soldiers with special conditions

The loan for professional soldiers with special conditions

Professional soldiers benefit from special conditions at the banks. The interest is lower than with a conventional installment loan. but professional soldiers also benefit from longer terms. Anyone who chooses a loan for professional soldiers can link it to life insurance. As professional soldiers are increasingly in crisis areas, coupling a loan really makes sense to protect the family from the financial fiasco in the event of death.

Public employees also benefit from such benefits. They can also take advantage of the benefits. However, in this case it depends on how long the employment relationship has lasted. Newbies don’t yet get these benefits. You need to be employed in the public service for a few years.

If a professional soldier wants a loan, this wish will almost always be fulfilled. No customer is seen as welcome as an official. There are only reservations with the probationary officers, because they are not sure whether they will remain as civil servants. This is particularly the case with police officers. During your apprenticeship, you are a probation officer and it becomes a little more difficult with a loan approval.

Personal Loans For People With Bad Credit http://rifephoto.com/personal-loans-for-people-with-bad-credit/ Sat, 25 Jul 2020 13:39:40 +0000 http://www.tourisme-marrakech.org/personal-loans-for-people-with-bad-credit/ Different types of loans?


With so many different types of loans on the market, it can be a bit overwhelming trying to decide which one is right for you. The first thing you should do when you’re deciding which type of loan to take out is figure out how much you can afford to pay each month. After that, make sure that the interest rate is reasonable for your budget.


There are two types of personal loans available, unsecured and secured. If you don’t want to risk anything more than your home or vehicle as collateral, you can get a secured loan. On the other hand, if you have some collateral, you can opt for an unsecured loan.

Before you go and shop?


Before you go and shop for a personal loan, ask yourself what you plan to use the money for. If you plan to use the money for a vacation, then a secured loan is probably a good idea. The lender will be able to provide you with a promissory note with all of the necessary documentation, which will show how much you owe them and who the borrower is.


If you are looking for a personal loan for a debt consolidation plan, then you’ll want to look for an unsecured loan. One of the main reasons to get a secured loan is to take advantage of the lower interest rates, but you can also save money by taking out a fixed rate loan. This is true even if you have less than perfect credit. With a secured loan, you’ll end up paying more interest, but if you pay on time and in full, it will be worth it.


If you have bad credit, you may be tempted to look at credit cards that offer low interest rates. However, remember that it is important to know what you are doing before you apply for one of these cards, so that you don’t end up ruining your credit score.


When shopping for a personal loan, you want to make sure that you are comparing all of the terms of each lender that you consider. Find out about the fees associated with each type of loan, including prepayment penalties and late fees. The more you understand about how these fees will work, the better.

Ask your lender about?

You’ll also want to ask your lender about any special requirements for the personal loan. The APR and the credit history may not be a concern for a first time buyer, but if you want the security of having lower payments and no prepayment penalties, this might be a concern. Make sure that you know what your lender’s requirements are, so that you are able to give the right answer when they ask about them.


You can also find information about the fees associated with consolidating your debts on the internet. For example, you can learn about how long it will take for the consolidation loans to become effective, what the fees will be, and what you will need to do to qualify for one of these loans.


Remember that a lower payment and a lower interest rate can actually damage your credit score. Make sure that you compare all of the terms of the loans with all of the other terms that are associated with your current credit score. To see your credit score for free, you can visit AnnualCreditReport.com.


If you think that your credit score is very low, it might be a good idea to get a co-signer to help secure the loan. Someone that is already a signatory to a good credit history is a great resource to go to for a personal loan. If you are considering a co-signer, be sure to take a look at all of the credit limits that they have.

Be sure that you understand?

Be sure that you understand?

Be sure that you understand all of the terms and conditions associated with the loan, so that you are able to satisfy them if something goes wrong. Having the financial knowledge that you need can make a big difference when it comes to choosing a loan.


If you have bad credit, then a personal loan can be very helpful for you. Do your research and understand the financial side of your new loan before you agree to it.

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It is not impossible today to get a loan without an employer. Especially because more and more freelancers and the self-employed have no employer and unemployed and retirees have no employer. Nevertheless, many of these people get a loan without an employer, even if this is then associated with some difficulties.

A loan without employers many banks do not forgive

A loan without employers many banks do not forgive

Without an employer, a person can not bring a salary statement. But for most banks, a payroll is the prerequisite to obtain a loan. The many direct banks in particular only sell their loans online and do not offer loans for the self-employed, after they have had to spend too much time. The same applies to freelancers and only students, the unemployed and pensioners, the whole thing is handled differently. The pension insurance is thus the employer and the retirement pension is the income. If the students or the unemployed bring a solvent guarantor, they usually receive a loan without an employer. If the banks are to make positive decisions about a loan, then there is a guarantee of a regular income from an employer and this is needed by the banks.

Credit without employer for freelancers and self-employed

Credit without employer for freelancers and self-employed

The freelancers and the self-employed are in a sense their own employers. If one of the two groups of people issues a certificate that a monthly sum of 5,000 USD has been earned, then this has no value for a bank. So if a loan request is processed by a self-employed, then only with great effort. Often, business records, such as a BWA, must be submitted, allowing a bank to learn about the success of the business. Business information is additionally commissioned to provide information and bank information is obtained from the house bank. If all the information is positive, the self-employed will also receive a loan without an employer.

Why is an employer so important?

Why is an employer so important?

A borrower with an employer can offer the appropriate security through the regular income of a bank. The income earned by an employer can reduce the credit default risk. In part, there are also employers, which are particularly welcome at the banks. The best example at this point is the civil service, because the jobs are secure, even if they are not licensed borrowers.

Other options for a loan without an employer

Other options for a loan without an employer

As an additional option, persons without an employer can also contact a Swiss bank. In contrast to Germany, the minimum requirements are considerably lower and therefore it is a good alternative. In Germany, there is also the possibility for this loan, but rather a smaller sum should be chosen. The sum should be made dependent on the duration of unemployment and on previous debts.

Credit for terrace – cheap – at the express rate on the account. http://rifephoto.com/credit-for-terrace-cheap-at-the-express-rate-on-the-account/ Wed, 16 Oct 2019 12:32:39 +0000 http://www.tourisme-marrakech.org/credit-for-terrace-cheap-at-the-express-rate-on-the-account/

A beautiful terrace at the home – who does not dream of it. But for this dream to be put into action, you can barely get around credit for a terrace .

After all, there is a need for financial resources. Your loan is provided in most cases – without much effort.

Fund terrace construction – short info

  • Do not just rely on an offer when building a terrace
  • Do not just compare material and personnel costs
  • Save by comfortably comparing matching loans from the net
  • Apply safely – initially as a pure condition check – in the connected comparison

Which form of loan is suitable?

Which form of loan is suitable?

Credit for terrace – cheap – at the express rate on the account

A credit for terrace can be taken in different ways. As a borrower you have the option to borrow the loan as a special purpose loan.

This has the advantage that the hedge for the loan does not have to be quite as extensive. A real estate loan or a reorganization loan would be the right choice here.

However, it should not be forgotten in this context that the earmarked credit for terrace is calculated exactly. The bank only provides the money needed to cover the cost.

Additional money would have to be applied for additionally. The costs incurred must also be able to be documented in advance with the help of cost estimates.

It looks a little different when a non-earmarked installment loan is used. The loan amount can be determined freely in such a case.

Estimates do not have to be submitted. But the hedge must be correct. If necessary with the help of a solvent sponsor.

Credit for Terrace – Provider

Credit for Terrace - Provider

In principle, the credit can be taken for terrace at any bank. It can be assumed that the costs will remain within manageable limits, so there is no reason to fear a cap on the loan amount or the term.

It is therefore advisable to find the right provider with the help of a comparison. For the comparison, our loan calculator can be used.

He uses less information to analyze the credit market and looks for suitable loan offers. These can then be arbitrarily refined and claimed.

The use of the loan calculator is free and without obligation. Personal data is not requested.

Such sensitive data is always exchanged only with the bank, which ultimately provides the loan.

Our tip: It is not always the provider with the lowest effective interest rate who offers the best deals. It is often worth paying attention to the product details.

They show how flexible the repayment can be designed and what else you can expect from the lender.

Do not worry too much

Do not worry too much

It is not always easy to exactly calculate a credit for a terrace. Often the costs are higher than initially thought.

Therefore, it is advisable not to short the credit for a terrace. An additional financing is usually more expensive than money, which is left over and thus can be additionally installed or used elsewhere.

And other construction sites definitely open up when a patio is being prepared. Even if no earmarked loan is to be taken, it is worth analyzing the exact costs in advance with the help of cost estimates.

The result is an accurate overview that ultimately helps to select the right loan offer. For if the loan calculator can work with the right amount of credit when comparing, it can also show the offers that really fit the borrower and the project.

A correction is then no longer necessarily necessary.

Borrow money through Loan and Credit and get loans up to USD 600,000 http://rifephoto.com/borrow-money-through-loan-and-credit-and-get-loans-up-to-usd-600000/ Wed, 02 Oct 2019 14:11:44 +0000 http://www.tourisme-marrakech.org/borrow-money-through-loan-and-credit-and-get-loans-up-to-usd-600000/

Please, don’t stop reading already! The word “budget” may not be so specific, but this point is the most important thing when we talk about repayment and a prerequisite for you to take control of your finances.

A budget does not have to be so advanced, it is very simply about the plus and the minus, your expenses must never exceed your income. Check out our super simple budget guide to get lots of great tips on how to set a budget as quickly and easily as possible.

Pay off high-interest loans first


Small loans with a high interest rate should always be paid off before larger loans with a lower interest rate. It is also good that you collect your loans.

With a larger loan instead of several small ones, you avoid having to pay off fees and setup tasks for each individual loan and usually get a lower interest rate.

Review recurring expenses


Is there anything you can cut down on? Maybe it has been a long time you even thought about your electricity contract and you may even have a poor track of what electricity company you have. A good consumer is a read consumer and a read consumer saves money. Electricity agreements and home insurance are recurring expenses that you can save thousands of dollars each year by switching.

Housing is also a major expense item in most households. How do you live today? Maybe it would work just as well with a smaller and cheaper accommodation? An alternative if you have plenty of room is to try to have a home for a period of time. If you also happen to live in a student city, this is easily fixed and you can try this with having a nice room mate one semester to see if it suits you.

What is credit score?


Credit scoring is a scoring system used by banks and other lenders to assess how creditworthy a person is. But now we take it from the beginning. When you apply for loans from banks and other lenders, a credit report is taken to assess your ability to pay.

In order to make the loan process easier for those who lend money, a scoring system has been developed – credit scoring. It is simply a tool that helps lenders quickly determine if it should grant you that loan. Credit scoring is done by the credit reporting companies.

Your credit score is determined from the same information as a regular credit report:

  • Age
  • Type of employment
  • Income
  • income History
  • Relationship status
  • Current loans
  • payment Notes
  • Saving
  • property Holdings
  • credit inquiries
  • Active credit

The lender sets a certain score for each point, then everything is summed up and you get a total value that can be used to decide if you can borrow money. It is common for the points to be weighted, which means that some factors are more important than others. For example, income and income history are usually given greater importance than, for example, property ownership.

Usually a scale is used from one to ten, where ten is the highest possible credit rating. Sometimes the score is used instead of calculating how much risk the borrower runs to receive a payment note within 12 months. The risk is stated as a percentage and then it is good to have as low a figure as possible.


Why Use a Credit Calculator? http://rifephoto.com/why-use-a-credit-calculator/ Wed, 07 Aug 2019 13:24:24 +0000 http://www.tourisme-marrakech.org/why-use-a-credit-calculator/

Those who have already borrowed know how difficult it is to make a choice, as many credit institutions offer a variety of offers. It is often difficult to decide what is important, for example, when choosing a loan, whether to consider interest or APR. Not to mention the importance of a responsible decision. Why Use a Credit Calculator? The loan calculator is a must-go if you want to find the best deal.

Why Use a Credit Calculator?

Why Use a Credit Calculator?

You don’t have to go through the banks

You don

It’s a good idea to use a loan calculator because you can compare the different loan schemes available and help you make your offers easy to understand and easier to choose from. Online calculations can save you a lot of time so you should not miss out on the decision process. You don’t have to work through all the branches and listen to your credit offers. With the help of the credit calculator, you choose the one you like the most and just go to that one bank. Since the calculator will contact you after the calculation, you will be informed whether you really meet the bank’s requirements. If so, you can also make an appointment. It is not advisable to give false information, because all valid documents are checked when borrowing. If you find that you are not able to obtain a loan from the financial institution of your choice, it is worth registering again and choosing another credit institution.

Calculates based on objective data

Calculates based on objective data

Often, lending institutions hide the essence in small letters and try to make their offer the most favorable to attract customers. Since it is completely irrelevant for credit calculators which credit institution the borrower borrows from, it provides a reliable and objective basis for comparison.

It’s quick and easy to use


Using the loan calculator is very easy. There are several types of loan calculators, since every bank has its own, and even different financial websites create their own loan calculators. What is common to all of them, however, is that you have to set up some data (for example, the amount of loan you want to borrow, maturity, net income, KHR status, etc.), on the basis of which the calculator calculates the parameters of the loan you want to borrow. Carefully review each option to get the full picture of your credit product. The exact information you need to enter into a credit calculator may vary from operator to operator. Based on the information you have provided, the loan calculator will list all the possible constructions so you have no choice but to browse through the offers and choose the most suitable one.

The best loan offers

The best loan offers

It helps to compare loans on a specialized site before using the loan calculator. Fortunately, Ser Vadd is such a site! With us, you can choose from the best deals for those who want to borrow and quickly get to the loan calculator of your chosen bank, just a few steps away and start applying for a loan.

Online loan no credit -Get $500 to $1000 via online loans with no credit check http://rifephoto.com/no-credit-check-payday-loans-brokers/ Tue, 25 Jun 2019 15:00:05 +0000 http://www.tourisme-marrakech.org/payday-loan-companies-online-can-i-also-take-out-bad-credit-payday-loans/

Since banks and other financial institutions place strict demands on their loans, many people think that it is not possible to borrow. While this is precisely the period in which you need a loan extra hard. Especially if you can not fall back on friends or family or a savings account. Fortunately, thanks to lenders on the internet, there is now the possibility to borrow. If you meet the conditions, you can even close your loan directly on the internet without any hassle!

Get $500 to $1000 via online loans with no credit check

Closing an online loan with no credit check is in some cases a solution! You naturally ask yourself immediately if you are eligible for these credits on the internet. This is generally the case. This is because the lenders on the internet want to ensure that borrowing is made accessible to as many people as possible so that they attach as few conditions as possible to their loans. Generally, you are already eligible for a loan if you are at least 21 years old and have some source of income. This source of income can be salary, but housing allowance, student finance, and alimony are also included in income. In this way, it is often possible to borrow. In addition, you do not have to come by appointment to justify why you want to borrow exactly and it is not necessary to send further papers or anything like that.

With a blacklist, notation stop flash credit 

In addition, with these loans a blacklist review is omitted, so a blacklist notation does not cause problems if you want to borrow money with flash credit. The reason that these providers can omit a blacklist assessment is first of all because these tests cost a lot of time and effort, but also because they are only small amounts. An assessment for creditworthiness is then not necessary since the risks for the provider remain low. That means that despite a blacklist notation you can still borrow if necessary!

How much money to borrow with payday credit?

With flash credit, it is therefore only possible to borrow a small sum of money. But how much money is meant by a small sum of money? In general, all amounts below 1000 euro are covered by small amounts. This means that you can borrow 350 euro for sports equipment with a flash loan, 600 euro for a holiday or 1000 euro for paying off bills or old loans. You do not have to share the money with the cash dispenser, but you just decide yourself. The amount of the loan is also up to you, as long as it is between 50 and 1000 euros.

Thanks for taking out a flash credit, it is now possible to quickly get a small amount when needed. Check quickly whether these loans also offer a solution for you!

The rules on loans between individuals http://rifephoto.com/the-rules-on-loans-between-individuals/ Tue, 11 Jun 2019 05:47:59 +0000 http://www.tourisme-marrakech.org/the-rules-on-loans-between-individuals/

Real financial windfall in these times of crisis, the loan between individuals is no less a framed operation. Whether you’re borrowing from your brother-in-law, or going through online intermediaries, some rules must be scrupulously respected to avoid being sued. What are these rules and what is waiting for you in case of non-compliance? Zoom on the rules that surround the loan between individuals.

The wear rate, not to be exceeded


An individual can lend money to another person for a fee. If the parties are free to set the interest rate, it should not be usurious. Setting this threshold is not always obvious. But to be simple, refer to the rates charged for the personal loan of banks. Be careful because wear and tear is an offense punishable by a fine and a prison sentence.

Writing, a mandatory term


This type of loan may be constituted by private deed or by deed before the notary. Writing is the undeniable proof of the existence of the bond relationship. There are some mandatory mentions to give full force to the contract. These include the complete identity of the parties, the agreed sum and the rate agreed upon for borrowing money. Whether the contract was handwritten or not, the parties must affix with their own hands the words read and approved. Beyond 1500 €, the borrower will have to establish an acknowledgment of debts.

Tax reporting, when and how?


The borrower has the obligation to declare to the tax authorities any loan higher than 760 €. This ceiling takes into consideration all of the loans obtained. To split a loan is therefore useless. The lender is also subject to a declaration when the loan has an interest rate. This remuneration will be recorded in his income and will be subject to income tax. Failure to report to the tax authorities can result in a fine of a few hundred €. But it can also translate into consideration of the loan as a gift. In this case, the tax applied will be that of the gift which is still 60% currently.

What about online intermediaries?

This is the trend of the moment, competing strongly with bank loan offers. Indeed, thanks to the absence of a physical seat and employees like the bank, these intermediaries offer loans at very low rates. But these intermediaries must be registered in the ORIAS register. Operating exclusively online, it is increasingly difficult to check all sites that offer loans between individuals. Many have already been victims of theft and identity theft. These scammers 2.0 focus on the distress of vulnerable people to remove confidential information, banking but also personal. It is important to remain vigilant and to be wary as much as possible of the wonderful offers. Above all, you should never disclose sensitive information on the net.

Payday Loan http://rifephoto.com/payday-loan/ Thu, 25 Apr 2019 05:57:16 +0000 http://www.tourisme-marrakech.org/payday-loan/ It is known how at least at the degree of the federal government’s crises after the Greek crisis. This is called a rating. But not only the countries affected, but also the companies, especially the big companies. The high quality of wealth is defined by payday. This is an essential requirement for banking, financial markets as well as for investors. But what does it mean?


That means Payday loan

That means Payday loan

If a state or company is rated Payday, the highest credit rating will be. The rate of credit defaults is generally estimated at more than 0 percent of all agencies at the moment. For this, a person with AI. It deals with the cost of deforestation. Of course, this kind of assessment is undoubtedly. The answer to this answer is simple, especially when it comes to states or territories with many jurisdictions and structures.

Additionally, annual and financial accounts do not necessarily reflect the actual financial status of the individual. These are mostly temporary shows. Reviews, such as Payday, may include thorough investigations and long-term forecasts. In doing so, such as company list, order status, profit, gearing , currency disasters and many more.

Reviews are used only for companies and nations as well as for certain financial products, such as to organizations, individuals, or insurance. At this point in emphasis, there are various agencies for the review. Frequently, there are different levels, although perceived attacks are often fewer.


Payday credit may also be lost

Payday credit may also be lost

As mentioned earlier, a Payday loan is the most important thing you can do. It is rated at Payday level, with great benefits. These can be easily seen when the bank seeks a loan. In a very good way, one bank does not only have a lot of choices but one good Payday credit. As a result, loans are being made in Payday loans.

This contributes positively to the size of the company or company. In fact, the value of Payday loan can also be lost due to mismanagement and wrong decisions in the state or by wrong costs and errors. So you have to do something to fix a permanent Payday rating.

An additive may relate to a variety of factors. Stuck on each level can not only have high interest rates, but the money may also be on the market. This includes increasing the amount of debt. It is the repetitive, even the worst part of the organization. And three-step DDD ratings are a loss and loss. Often, no more credit is available on the mortgage market than in the market.

5 types of loans that are better to refuse http://rifephoto.com/5-types-of-loans-that-are-better-to-refuse/ Sat, 30 Mar 2019 05:49:16 +0000 http://www.tourisme-marrakech.org/5-types-of-loans-that-are-better-to-refuse/

By issuing a loan, a person gets the opportunity to purchase the thing he needs, even if he currently does not have his own funds for it. However, it should always be remembered that for each borrowed ruble the lender will have to pay interest. So the borrower pays for giving him money at the right moment for him. And not all loans are beneficial to the consumer. In this article we will tell you about 5 types of loan, which it is better not to take.

Credit for the purchase of status things

Credit for the purchase of status things

Many people have a need to demonstrate to others that level of success, which they were able to achieve. You can do this by buying yourself prestigious expensive watches, clothes, mobile phones, cars. Well, if your income allows you to easily purchase, for example, premium iPhone XS Max for 117 thousand rubles.

But if your salary is only 30,000 per month? Indeed, in this case, all your money goes to buy food, clothing, pay for utilities. Of course, you are also pleased to show others your success. But you can do this only by buying an iPhone XS Max on credit.

But even if you apply for the so-called interest-free installment plan “0-0-12” for the purchase of the latest iPhone model, you will have to pay almost 10,000 monthly from your pocket within the next year. And this, if the bank does not force you to issue insurance for the goods or other paid services. For a whole year, for urgent needs, you will no longer have 30,000 rubles, but only 20,000. It is possible that a constant lack of funds will force you to take some more credit.

What do you get in return for money problems?

Your friends will stop admiring your iPhone in about a week. A year later, when you pay off a loan, Apple will release a new model. That it will now be prestigious and status. And your phone will lose about 30% of its value. Last year’s model will be evidence that you don’t have enough money for the “new iPhone”.

So don’t get into debt. You will not raise your status with an expensive smartphone alone. It would be much more reasonable to buy the device for which there is really enough money . The iPhone XS is not a necessity. You can live without it.

Loan to repay a current loan

If the borrower does not have enough funds to make payments on the current loan in time, then applying for a new loan in another bank will not be a good way out for him. Payments on loans, as a rule, are annuity (equal). In this case, at first, a large part of the payment made goes to repay the interest on the loan, and not to cover the loan itself. Accordingly, the payer in the initial period of payment of the loan brings income to the bank, and closes its loan only at a minimum.

If the new bank gives you a loan to cover the old one, then everything will start over. At first, you will mainly pay interest again, only slightly reducing the amount of your loan. Lenders will get real benefits.

In addition, if the borrower had problems with payment, a simple transition to a new financial organization would not solve them. The way out here is to issue a deferment of the loan and take measures to increase your income (selling unnecessary things, additional part-time work).

Credit just in case

Credit just in case

It often happens that bank managers call customers themselves and offer to issue a credit card. When issuing a loan you are told that you can not use the card, and then you will not have to pay interest on the loan. Just put the card in your wallet. So, just in case.

However, experience suggests that the situation in most cases will evolve in a different scenario. There are always many temptations around you, but there is not enough money for everything. And here are very close to the means for which you can buy something that “has long been very desirable.” For example, a 105-inch TV that impressed you.

But the feeling of delight that has arisen after buying a TV will not fill you forever. But the real monthly income will decrease. On the amount of interest that you will pay the bank for the money provided.

To always have enough money to buy the necessary things , avoid spontaneous unplanned expenses . And loans that you offer to take on “just in case.”

High interest rate loans

When you choose clothes for yourself, you won’t buy a jacket for 12,000 rubles, if you sell the same store at a nearby store, but for 10,000. With loans exactly the same. A loan is money that you buy from a bank. Interest is a fee for a loan. The lower the interest rate, the more profitable the loan is for you. And you need to take a loan not “where they give,” but where it is cheaper.

The bank loans are issued at 14 – 24% per annum. But there are also microfinance organizations! They give the same loans at 360 – 550% per annum (25 – 40 times more expensive!). Just the procedure of registration in these companies is easier.

The most logical behavior for the consumer will be to search for a loan with a minimum interest rate . It is better to refuse microloans from MFIs, or to contact them only as a last resort. When money is badly needed, but banks refused. And to take in these organizations you need as little money as possible for the shortest possible time.

Credits with small text terms


An honest loan is when the effective interest rate on a loan and its total cost are indicated in large type in the first paragraph of the loan agreement.

But not all loan agreements are the same. There are also those where the important conditions for the client overpayment are printed in small print after the “asterisk” in the footnote. All conditions, as required by law, are indicated. But to get acquainted with them, you will need to bring a magnifying glass.

Such contracts are most often offered by bank employees for signature to customers in shopping centers when they buy home appliances on credit. The use of fine print in a contract is usually based on the desire to save paper. And so that the client does not strain his eyes and does not spoil his eyes, a pretty girl will tell him “everything herself”.

But if the borrower reads the text himself, he will find out that, in addition to a fairly attractive rate of 14.5% per annum, the bank will charge him for maintaining a credit account (1.6% monthly). Specified here will be the effective interest rate (about 60% per annum).

At the request of the law (but in hard-to-read small letters), “voluntary” insurance of the goods or the health of the borrower, the commission for cash withdrawal, for accepting payment through the terminal, payment for SMS informing services may be prescribed. In general, everything that the bank receives from you money besides interest on the loan. But, preferably, without your knowledge.